The Prayer of Saints |መልክአ ቅዱሳን Melka Kidusan)

Prayers of the Saints (መልክአ ቅዱሳን (የቅዱሳን ውዳሴ)) is a book in the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church that contains a prayer of thanksgiving for devotees who sing and pray during the daytime or during the holy rites.  The book is prepared in English and Amharic and is intended for prayer use by parishioners.  The poetic form of the hymn also helps us to participate in the church by simply reading the book with the priests while the chants are sung.  For example, it also serves as a great resource for students to study or use at their own pace.  We add more Saints Prayers regularly and you can easily find changes by regularly following our page.  It contains the following books.


  1. Good Job keep it up. BUt, Am afraid that Do we have believers who use this web to get Geez books. God bless u am Happy proud of you that we have a man like you for our church!

  2. Yes . Im a proud sister. Blessings to your hearts

  3. What a wonderful app! would you please make an iphone version so we can all use it, thank you!