Wel come, Goranda Systems

Wel come to Goranda Systems where you get multiple Ethiopian Scripture.

About Our Products

Goranda Systems are unique Android and IOS Applications that exclusively contain contents from different Ethiopian Historical, Religous, and Scientific origins. They are designed in simple elegant way to keep them at your hand

Material Design Interfaces

Our Application Designed in modern Material Design layouts.

Fast and Robust

Our Apps are fast loading though they contain huge collection of Books

Professional Support

We are always available to respond to Inquiries on demand

Affordable Price

The price of our apps is minimal and affordable


Our Apps designed both in multiple local and international langauges

Completely Offline

our Apps perform 100% Offline. No worries about mobile data

Android Application

You will get Modern, Material Design, Offline, Android Applications that are built with Passion.

Ethiopian Scriptures

Exclusive Applicatiuons that contain Multiple Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo church Books

IOS Applications

We have designed modern, offline Ios Apps that can be run on your IOS operating devices

Recently Developed Apps

These are Recently developed Android and IOS Apps.

Gibre Himamat መጽሐፈ ግብረ ሕማማት
Utubaa Amnataa Ortoodoksii
Metsihafe Sinksar መጽሐፈ ስንክሳር
Tsewatiwe Zema ጸዋትወ ዜማ
Mezgebe Haymanot መዝገበ ሃይማኖት
Tigrinya Amharic Dictionary

Discounted Package Services

You can find below the discounted package Services. These Discounts are regular Discounts for Domestic Application Users.

Basic Package

Basic Package

15% Discount

Buy 3 Applications and get 15% discount from the total price

Premium Package

Premium Package

25% Discount

Buy 5 Applications and get 25% discount from the total price

Standard Package

Standard Package

20% Discount

Buy 4 Applications and get 20% discount from the total price

Platinum Package

Platinum Package

30% Discount

Buy 6 Applications and get 30% discount from the total price